Refer a Friend and Earn £5

Refer a Friend and Earn £5

International money transfer services became evident these days. As the technical advancements provide sheer growth and development in our society, It also makes a strong contribution to infrastructure development which is clearly seen by the modern gadgets and automobiles maneuvering in our society. These advancements also assist in our travel to foreign countries with on-click flight ticket booking and to exchange currencies respected to our destination on the go. Teeparam Exchange offers the most economical solution with advanced features and a simplified user interface that assists money transfer to Sri Lanka and other foreign countries effortlessly. All the above-mentioned features and top-notch security protocols make Teeparam Exchange, the best money transfer app to send money to foreign countries at a low transaction cost. Additionally, the Teeparam exchange provides an opportunity to Refer and Earn which supports the new users to explore and experience the magnificence offered by Teeparam is the best international money transfer services with initial rewards. In this blog we will guide you on how to avail our refer a friend and earn £5.

Refer & Earn £ 5 from Teeparam Exchange

Teeparam exchange provides an opportunity to earn £ 5 just by referring your friend to Teeparam. This makes people experience the abundant features and benefits offered by Teeparam in making international exchanges. The fund will be added to your Teeparam wallet once your referral user starts making transactions using Teeparam. You can use the fund to pay the transaction fee to send money online to foreign countries more efficiently with Teeparam is the best international money transfer services. Teeparam exchange offers the Refer and Earn scheme to support users to make their international exchanges efficiently with additional benefits. And the exchange rate of Teeparam money transfer to Sri Lanka from UK and other foreign countries is high and competitive.

Steps to Refer & Earn £ 5

Step 1: Enter our website and sign up to create your account

Step 2: Submit the required documents for KYC

Step 3: Select the refer and earn option displayed in your window

Step 4: Copy the referral link and share it with your friends who frequently send money online.

Step 5: Once your friends register His/her account in the Teeparam exchange and make their first international transaction through your referral link for £5 will be added to your Teeparam wallet.

Step 6: You can avail the rewarded money from your wallet to make your international transactions.

Eminent features offered by Teeparam Exchange

Integrated wallet

Teeparam exchange offers the most advanced and secured wallet integrated with top notch-security protocol that allows the users to store and manage their funds effectively. The wallet also supports to access the history of transactions and also supports tracking the status of current transactions precisely.

Inbuilt currency calculator

The inbuilt currency calculator of Teeparam facilitates the users to calculate the currency rate and the amount, the recipients receive after the transaction charges. This supports the users to know the amount that the recipient receives and send money accordingly after calculating the transaction charges

Quick Onboarding

The platform facilitates a quick onboarding process that allows the users to get started and engage with the magnificent international money transfer services offered by Teeparam within a few simple steps.

Manage Receivers

Teeparam exchange manages the receivers to execute the transactions without hassle which facilitates the users to experience a congestion-free ecosystem to send money to foreign countries instantly.

Track Your Transfers

Teeparam has an inbuilt tracking system allows the users to know the current status of their transaction and precisely track the date and the exact amount that the recipient receives. This makes the users engage with the services of Teeparam which reflects its transparency and accuracy in all aspects.


The platform’s friendly user interface and advanced features create a sophisticated ecosystem for the users to make international exchanges. The platform offers array of options for the convenience of the user that supports executing their transactions hassle-free.

Tested Reliability

With a 100% successful transaction legacy, the Teeparam exchange proves its reliability and its ability to make precise transactions as per the schedule. Also, the platform’s advanced interface and modern technology make it offer exceptional services which asserts trust and reliability among the users.

Safe Transfers

Teeparam exchange ensures the security of your funds by following top-notch security protocols and executes your transactions across international borders at ease without failures. The platform also handles bulk funds and performs efficient transactions in a secured environment.

Download the Teeparam Exchange Mobile app:

Teeparam exchange offers the most advanced mobile application that facilitates the users to make international exchanges on the go within a few clicks. Its interactive user interface assists the user in sending money online to foreign countries with quick guides and demos. Its integrated wallet and advanced payment facility allow the users to make effective transactions from their mobile application. With the help of Mobile application international money transfer is an absolute bliss to users. Because by using Teeparam mobile app, users can easily make their transactions through their smartphone itself.

The mobile application is available on both platforms namely Android & iOS for user convenience. The application is built with the most advanced features and security protocols to manage your funds effectively and offer a simple and sophisticated user experience to make international exchanges with a few taps in your palm. Explore the modern tech with Teeparam international money transfer app that allows users to send money online instantly.

Remit to Sri Lanka

We at Teeparam exchange help students, businesses, expats and working professionals by offering best and high rates at a very low transfer fee. Due to this reason Teeparam is the best money transfer service provider that allows user to remit to Sri Lanka in a very simplified manner. In addition to Sri Lanka, you can send money from UK to other countries in a very convenient manner.

Why Teeparam Exchange?

Teeparam exchange is an FCA-approved international exchange that serves the essential needs of immigrants and expatriates by assisting them to make international transactions across the nations efficiently in a secured environment. with its legacy in serving the global community of expatriates and its large network that spread across the world to assists you in making international transactions. While technology is creating exceptional opportunities for mankind, Teeparam takes its responsibility to enhance and deliver modern technology in order to serve society with the right features at the right time in all its services with utmost dedication.