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send money to foreign countries with the best international money transfer service
Why Teeparam Exchange?

We are Local

Helping expatriats, students and business in the UK to send money back home. We are a reputed name in Money Transfer market providing same day or next day service.

We strive hard to keep our fees low and rates competitive so you get to send more to your loved ones.

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Why Choose Us



We use the best IT tools to help make your online experience safe.



We are regulated by Financial Conduct Authority in the UK.

Data Protection

Data Protection

Your personal information is safe with us and we will never share it with any thrid parties.

How it Works?

3 Simple Steps to follow

Step 1

Sign up and upload identification document and an address proof.

Step 2

We verify and activate your account. Sign In & Add Receipients.

Step 3

Initiate Money Transfer and pay using available payment options.


Our Mobile App

You can transfer money at home or on the move with our award-winning app.

  •  Quick Onboarding
  •  Manage Receivers
  •  Track Your Transfers
  •  Flexible & Easy
  •  Tested Reliability
  •  Safe Transfers
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Get best currency rate by transferring money online with our money transfer app available on both Android and iOS

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