Best place to live in UK for Immigrants - Explained

Best place to live in UK for Immigrants - Explained

The number of people moving to the United Kingdom keeps increasing each year even though the country has a limited land area in terms of geography, compared to most other developed nations. This comparatively small country has some vast geographical variations such as rugged highlands in Scotland, large cities, open countryside to beautiful coast lines.

Great Britain includes England, Scotland and wales. However, the UK has a huge population, the fourth largest population in Europe. The UK offers something to suit most of our preferences of living. The most famous and well-known destination is London which is also the capital of the country.

Due to its popularity many immigrants will choose London over the other areas. But if you can think outside the London box there is a better chance of finding the best city to suit your requirements.

People from various countries migrate to the UK for different reasons. Some come to work and earn, some for better education, retirement, or to live safely in a calming and clean environment are few reasons. No matter where you are planning to settle, England is an expensive country to live in with greater expenses and bills.

So it is important to make sure where you are going to move is a place that you can financially survive. How do you pick the best place to live in the United Kingdom? Main factors like infrastructure facilities, health care, cost of living, crime rates, job opportunities should be considered when searching for the best city to move to.

You may think of choosing London as an easy option and be done with it. After all it is the country capital and well famous city. Most number of migrants lives in London compared to other cities in the UK. But there are many other cities that offer great facilities sometimes that can beat out London and might be the right choice for you. Here is some information on a few cities you can consider starting your new life in the UK.


This is a city well-known as a center for football as Manchester United was the UK’s first ever professional football club. About half a million people live in this city. The city is also famous for various cultural attractions and with many hang out options. It is a city with more job openings and compared to London the cost of living in Manchester is low.


If you love to enjoy the oceanic climate this may be a good choice for you. Being a coastal town in Scotland Aberdeen has long winter nights and long summer days. It is also known as the “Granite City” due to many Victorian buildings made with glittering mica flecked granite.

The city consists of 263 castles and is rich in art and culture. Industries like textile, shipbuilding, fishing and oil are common here. Scotland’s many big businesses have their headquarters here. Unemployment rate is fairly low with a low cost of living.

It is a city with good health care facilities, safety and many green spaces. Several universities and top ranked schools are found here.


This is one of the UK’s oldest port cities. With some average job opportunities, health care and safety it is a city rich in greenery and culture. It has also been selected as the best city to live in Britain in recent years.

Out skirt of the city you find miles of farm lands and within the city there are well planned walking paths. There are many creative media, aerospace and electronics industries present here. Being one of the warmest cities in England this city has many to offer you.


Being famous for having one of the most prestigious and oldest universities in England, it is one of the smallest cities in the country with a population of around 150,000 people. It is a city with rich history and stunning architecture both new and old.

Along with the education and publishing industries which were present in the city from ancient times there are sectors such as information technology and science present in Oxford. It also houses one of the oldest car manufacturing companies Morris motor and few other car manufactures too.

With many parks and nature walks it is one of the safest cities in the UK to live. But the housing and cost of living is a little high in Oxford.


Being the capital of the United Kingdom the city still remains the number one choice for many migrants. Due to this reason you can find many immigrants living in this city. It has many job opportunities, high ranked schools, universities and a rich history. This busy city has a high cost of living and can say it is not the safest city in the country.

But if you want to experience living in a world class city this is the right choice for you. It can offer you a rich history, royal pageantry, high fashion, great restaurants, excellent quality public transport and many entertainment facilities. This multicultural city is one of the best places to live in the UK. And if you are looking to send money to Sri Lanka and best Sri Lanka exchange rate, you can visit our Branch at Croydon. Or use our website or mobile app to send money.


This is the largest and the most populous city in Scotland. It is a city with many industries, ample job openings, art organizations, greenery, sports and culture. Manufacturing is one of the main parts of the city’s economy. Shipbuilding, engineering, textile and construction are some of the common industries present.

Glasgow is also a place with many printing and publishing companies, financial services, creative services, health care, software development and biotechnology. Music industry is also very popular here. The city is rich in culture with many opera, ballet, theater, symphonic music, visual arts and museums around.

This is a city with a very low cost of living compared to other cities in the UK. It also offers best health care facilities and is well known for best air quality.

Finding the best place to settle in the UK is a big decision. There are many other beautiful villages, busy cities and towns that offer greater facilities than mentioned above. Different parts of the country offer different things, so depending on your lifestyle you should be able to select a few areas of your choice.

Once you have picked a few locations for your next home, compare these cities with factors such as nearby shops and other facilities, transportation, traffic, schools and universities, job opportunities, local environment, air quality, crime rate, floods or any other natural disaster risks and of course the future developments.

These requirements may vary with your individual needs. For example, if you are coming to the UK as a university student your priorities will be cheap accommodation, part time job availability, low cost of living and safety. But if you are planning to move with your family things will be different. You need to consider health care, housing, schooling and even the crime rate.

Deciding an area to settle before moving to the UK may keep you away from many problems and will save lots of your time and cash. You can do your research on the internet about the city you have picked and even book or purchase a property before landing.

Hope the comprehensiveness of this blog helped to know which is the best place to live in UK for Immigrants. For more info on our International Money Transfer services, you can always reach out to our Customer Support team. They will be glad and elated to assist you in any way.